So, to stick with the complete honesty thing, it’s been a month since I’ve been to the gym. Mostly because I had to spend my time after work remodeling the bathroom, and then had a vacation. (Which I did spend almost the entire time walking, so that’s a plus.)

Despite the fact my water heater decided to try to flood us out (thankfully I was home and noticed it quickly) I’m still planning on hitting the gym immediately after work. 

New goal: gym every day after work. Alternating between weight training and cardio. 

Also, back to eating healthier now that our kitchen is back in working order. (Just… no hot water for washing pans/dishes. >.<) I made myself a week worth of breakfasts and lunch for today. And of course I left everything home in the fridge. 

Looks like it’s going to be a rough week. 



Okay time for the 30 self esteem challenge again! Followers your challenge is to do this with me!

Day one: A facial feature you like on yourself

Day two: A physical feature you like on yourself

Day three: A part of your personality that you like

Day four: A habit you have that you like


Sure, why the hell not.